Pro Videos- More Coming Soon!

School Videos - Directed and Edited by Me

  • Two Brilliant Discoveries - Award-winning video essay about coins and the binary number system.

  • I'm Not Woody - Award-winning film about how I'm not, in fact, Woody Allen. Apologies for the poor quality. It's NYU's budget telecine from the 16mm. I swear, this was once a cinematographic masterpiece. Also starring Johnny Pomatto and Yuri Namkung.

  • David on David - Shocking (and hilarious) exposé on the secret life of David Guida.

  • Thomas Edison Presents - Newly discovered first-aid instructional film from the studio of Thomas Edison. Starring Kevin Howard and Phoebe Strole.

  • History's Turning Points - Mock documentary about two vital moments in world history. Written and directed with Michael Capitelli and Natalie Chavoya.

  • Fugue for Tinhorns - A rendition of the song from Guys and Dolls...with a twist. Starring Johnny Pomatto. Music performed by Nathan Heidelberger.

  • Napoleon - A hypothetical animated(?) short about the famed French ruler. Filmed on location in Paris, kinda.

  • Phoebe and Johnny at Le Pantaloon - A first date gone awry. Written with Johnny Pomatto. Starring Johnny Pomatto and Phoebe Strole.

School Videos - Directed by Others, Edited by Me