Free Software - More coming Soon

Software written by me:

All software for Mac OS X

  • Alarm clock program that can play music files from your computer. Innovative because it has a decrementing snooze button. Each time you hit "Snooze," it decreases the amount of time before the next one.

  • Anagramalyzer - Relatively pointless little program that help you to create or solve anagrams.

  • Audio Track Batcher 2.0 - Program to batch remove extra unwanted audio tracks from Quicktime movies. If you use this tool with Final Cut Pro 6.0.x, you will break your project file irreparably, so don't use it. This was a bug on Apple's end and I took the program down while it was resolved. The problem was fixed in FCP 7.0, so I am re-posting this program with the major caveat that you should not use it with prior versions of FCP unless you really know what you're doing.

  • Clip Labeler - Takes an XML from a Final Cut Pro sequence and generates a new sequence containing the original sequence with Outline Text generators above each clip, displaying the clip name. This is useful in situations where a client asks to see all your footage. This is PARTICULARLY useful when dealing with unnamed P2 footage, where clips are called "0007E7," for example. This program is an excellent companian to my XML Analyzer, also available on this page.

  • Extension Calculator - Drag a picture into the box on the left side and the program will calculate what the new dimensions need to be to give the photo an aspect ratio of 16:9. See my blog entry for details about why you might want to do this (admittedly, not often) and why I needed to write it.

  • Final Cut Pro Compression Widget - A widget that helps you to calculate appropriate bitrates for the Sorenson 3 codec based on different image dimensions.

  • Multiclip Offsetter - Takes a group of Quicktime movies, looks at the timecode track, and duplicates it into a new Final Cut Pro readable AuxTC1 track based but offset by a user-supplied number of frames. Useful for multiclipping two time-of-day cameras where the timecode is off by a small, but constant number.

  • Strobe Light Filter - Final Cut Pro filter. Written for the opening credits of Anya Garrett's film, Hunger.

  • Time Code Reader - An HTML template with Javascript to display a counter below a Quicktime movie. Ideal for client viewing pages.

  • Time Code Copier - A somewhat esoteric program to batch copy the timecode tracks from a group of Quicktime files to another group of files. I wrote this so that a set of After Effects renders could very quickly be given the timecode of the original, unaltered clips. The names and directory structures for the original clips and the renders must match. I haven't had the chance to extensively test this program. It's currently listed as version 0.9. If you discover any bugs or issues, I'd love to hear about them.

  • Typing Monkeys Game - An arcade-style game where you're a monkey who has to type Shakesepeare.

  • XML Analyzer - A standalone program to convert an XML of a Final Cut Pro sequence into an MS-Excel readable format. This is useful if a producer wants to see a spreadsheet with a list of clips used. It used to be the only way to do this would be to export an EDL, but those are hard to read. Please read the documentation very carefully. The sequence needs to be prepared in a certain way in order for the program to work. It's also worth noting that I believe XML2Text has the same functionality (probably better implemented, but for a price). When I wrote this program, XML2Text didn't have this capability.

Other Useful Free Software No Video Editor Should be Without:

  • Video Space from Digital Heaven - A WONDERFUL widget that calculates storage space needed for various codecs. Must-have!

  • MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5 - Excellent program for converting MPEG files into Quicktime files usable in Final Cut Pro.

  • Mac the Ripper - DVD Ripping program. Everyone needs to rip DVDs sometimes.

  • Perian - "The Swiss Army Knife for Quicktime." Allows you to playback Flash movies in the Quicktime player.

  • Cyberduck - My favorite free FTP program.

  • Taco - This was a great, free, lightweight HTML editor. Unfortunately, they've just turned it into a pay-program. If you search around, though, you may still be able to find the free version online somewhere.

  • Smultron - Another very good free text and HTML editor. Apparently the developer has stopped updating it, but you can still download the current version. If you have Cyberduck, you can open your html pages with Smultron and edit them online, without having to download them.

Video people pay enough for hardware, software, plugins, etc. as it is,
so this software is completely free with no expectation of payment.
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